New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival 2015  31st October 2015 –3rd November 2016

3rd November - 6th November , 2016 3rd November - 6th November , 2016

Asia Showcase

November 3rd 12:30, Theater2
November 6th 15:00, Theater3

Deer Flower

Director : Kim Kangmin

2015 / Korea / 0:07:34

In the summer of 1992, Dujung, an elementary student, goes to a farm in the suburbs with his parents…more

Kim Kangmin

Born in 1979.
Graduated from SADI, communication design
Graduated from CalArts, Experi…more

Jungle Taxi

Director : Hakhyun Kim

2016 / Japan / 0:07:44 / STUDIO 8 DOGS

The taxi driver picks up an unwelcome fare in the jungle. He does as he's told and takes his cu…more

Hakhyun Kim

Born in Seoul, South Korea in 1982, Kim graduated from Tokyo Polytechnic University, Faculty of Arts…more


Director : Eri Okazaki

2016 / Japan / 0:06:53 / Tama Art University

When two enormous creatures count the end of a day, the food is served as yesterday. Children feed t…more

Eri Okazaki

Born in Tokyo, Japan, in 1993. Graduated from Tama Art University in Graphic Design in 2016.more

The Great Escape

Director : Tan Wei Keong

2015 / Singapore / 0:06:05

Two men and their olive tree.more

Tan Wei Keong

Wei Keong is an animation artist living in Singapore and San Francisco. His animated short film &quo…more

In The Forest

Director : Maiko Fukada

2016 / Japan / 0:06:35

A monster lives in a silent cave located in the heart of the Forest of Endless Night. Everybody hate…more

Maiko Fukada

Born in 1993, Yamanashi Pref. Studied at Graphic Design Department of Tama Art University from 2012 …more

Missing One Player

Director : Lei Lei

2015 / China / 0:04:32 /

During a majong game a bad situation occurs. Everyone waits for the last player to show up. The thre…more

Lei Lei

29-years-old. An up-and-coming multimedia Chinese animation artist with his hands on graphic design,…more


Director : Takashi Ohashi x Tomggg

2016 / Japan / 0:03:58 / BRDG

nakaniwa is an abstract animation work that focused on an effect being obtained by a composition of …more

Takashi Ohashi x Tomggg

Born 1986. Motion designer based in Japan. While researching the limits and extremes of CG with word…more


Director : Sakurako Nagano

2015 / Japan / 0:03:53 / Hiroshima City University

I started to become aware of my own existence. At the time, I knew that I could live only as myself,…more


Sakurako Nagano

Graduated from Art Departmenf of Hiroshima City University in 2016. Lives in Hiroshima.more



Director : Wu Jo-Hsin

2015 / Taiwan / 0:03:54 / Taipei National University of the Arts

In every ongoing second, the body blooms as an oversaturated sponge, what leaks out is the unwanted …more

Wu Jo-Hsin

Jo-Hsin Wu studying animation at Taipei National University of the Arts in Taiwan.She believes that …more

An Eternal Vacation of Happiness

Director : Chung Cheng-Hsu

2016 / Taiwan / 0:05:39 / Taipei National University of the Arts

In the lovers' relationship, it seems like that we're going on a vacation to each other�…more

Chung Cheng-Hsu

Cheng-Hsu Chung, born in Kaohsiung Taiwan in 1994, graduated from Taipei National University of the …more

Insect Bite

Director : Grace Nayoon Rhee

2015 / United States / 0:02:29

A tiny bug tries to figure out what he wants to be.more

Grace Nayoon Rhee

1986 Born in Pennsylvania, USA
2009 Graduated with BFA in Animation at Hongik University, Sou…more

Under My Gender

Director : Thepmetha Thepboonta

2016 / Thailand / 0:05:55 / Faculty of Fine Arts Chiang Mai University

In a world of sexual fantasy, The sex goddess of peace (Have a sexual orientation Bisexual) who care…more

Thepmetha Thepboonta

Born in November 7,1987 Ubonratchathani, Thailand
2011 - Study Faculty of Fine Arts, Major Pr…more

Ohori Park

Director : Yoko Yuki, Mirai Mizue, Takafumi Tachibana

2016 / Japan / 0:09:26

In April 2016, Thai filmmaker Apichatpong Weerasethakul visited Fukuoka and held a three-day worksho…more


Yoko Yuki, Mirai Mizue, Takafumi Tachibana

Born in Aichi , 1987.Graduated from Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences, Department of Visual Me…more


協賛 :
  • 石屋製菓(株)
  • サッポロビール(株)
  • 東日本電信電話(株)
  • (株)北洋銀行
  • (株)北海道銀行
  • 北海道空港(株)
  • 北海道コカ・コーラボトリング(株)
  • (株)マテック
  • よつ葉乳業(株)
  • (株)ロイズコンフェクト
  • JAL
  • ANA
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New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival

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